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Igloo Magazine on "Sounds from the Iranian Ultraverse"

"A fantastic release that has highlighted to me the importance of exploring unfamiliar territories as you may just never know what you are missing out on."

Mix Mag Turkey - Stereotype Horizon single

The trio, who channeled every moment they spent together during the pandemic process into musical production, will be bringing together the pieces they have revealed throughout the process in their "Foil" album.

Goethe Gulf - Music in Exile

"From the very beginning, our band came together to play music and to cover songs, in order to be heard and only to be heard! We didn’t want to make any bold statements about our backgrounds or about what it meant to be a girl in a society where women were not allowed to sing or play instruments in public"

DJ Mag - Woman, Life, Freedom VA

Woman Life Freedom Album.jpg
"As a group of Iranian women, this fight is closest to our hearts. We release this collection in solidarity and towards a fight for a free Iran and aim to raise awareness about this revolution through music. The theme of this collection is power, defiance, and ferocity, and can be heard across all of the tracks. This is the energy with which Iranian women continue to push for freedom. We dream of a future where women and girls can openly and safely practice, grow, and shine within arts, especially electronic music. From us to you and to a free Iran."
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