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The Finches is an indie rock band based in Tehran, Iran. The band was formed in the summer of 2015, later on the winter of the same year their first drummer and the vocalist left the band and they continued with new members. They released their first single “Ocean” in the summer of 2016. They’ve held plenty of concerts in underground venues. They started recording their debate EP in the summer of 2018, they released their first music video “Run run run” in the spring of 2019. After their first EP “Psychodelan” their drummer left the band and they started experimenting with electronic music and beats. They are currently working on their new album in a new genre. They released "Shame" ep in early 2021. The current members are Asal Maleki and Zhina Ardalan aka Xeen

The Finches

Psychodelan I.jpg

After releasing their debut EP, "Psychodelan", they held plenty of underground gigs in Tehran and they also performed in the Österreichisches Kulturforum Teheran (ÖKFT).

About two years later, two of the members left the band and they had to continue in a different format, which led to "Shame" EP.

"Shame" EP was released on April 2021 and has a completely different spirit compared to Psychodelan.

The lyrics are more personal, the beats are electronic and the synthesizer is also a new addition.

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